Arugula Seeds

For a spicy kick in the pants, try planting Arugula in your garden.  Its flavor has been described as peppery, mustardy, hot with a hint of nuttiness, and spicy. It adds an exciting, interesting flavor and texture to salads. Most often eaten raw in salads but can also be steamed or added raw to many other dishes such as pizza and sandwiches.  Also a good container variety.

2 g seed packet


Name:  Arugula ‘Rocket’

Botanical Name:  Eruca sativa

Days to Maturity:  30-45

When to sow outside:   2 to 4 weeks before average last frost, and successive sowings thereafter every 3 weeks until 2 weeks before the average first fall frost. USDA zone 8 or warmer: Also in fall for winter harvest.

Harvesting:  Pick leaves when no longer than 6″, but at least 2″ long; pick them individually, or cut off the plant at ground level. Harvest before plant begins to flower. You may allow the plant to flower if you plan to eat the flowers, but leaves will become bitter.

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Weight 2 oz
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