Cosmos Seeds – Candystripe

‘Candy Stripe’ Cosmos Seeds. Beautiful Cosmos variety! Golden center, surrounded by pale blush petals with deep pink edges. Makes an excellent cut flower. Cosmos are super carefree flowers once established – drought-tolerant, not fussy about soil conditions, wind-tolerant, and long blooming throughout spring and summer. Cosmos re-seed readily.

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Name:  Cosmos ‘Candystripe’

Botanical Name:  Cosmos bipinnatus

Life Cycle:  Annual (freely self-seeds)

Color: Golden center, with pale pink petals and deep pink edges

Bloom Season:  Summer / Fall

Height:  36-60″

Light Requirement:  Sun

Growing Instructions:  Scatter seeds outdoors once danger of frost has passed.  Cover seeds lightly 1/4″ with light soil, and rake in.  Keep soil damp, but not soggy.  Seeds should sprout in approximately 5-14 days, depending on temp.


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