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Cosmos Seeds – Daydream

‘Daydream’ Cosmos Seeds. One of the easiest flowers to grow from seed, Cosmos are a must for the flower garden. ‘Daydream’ Cosmos have very pale pink petals with a deep rosy center. Makes an excellent cut flower. Cosmos are super carefree flowers once established – drought-tolerant, not fussy about soil conditions, wind-tolerant, and long blooming throughout spring and summer. Cosmos re-seed readily.

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Name:  Cosmos ‘Daydream’

Botanical Name:  Cosmos bipinnatus

Life Cycle:  Annual (freely self-seeds)

Color: pale pink petals with deep rosy center

Bloom Season:  Summer / Fall

Height:  30-36″

Light Requirement:  Sun

Growing Instructions:  Scatter seeds outdoors once danger of frost has passed.  Cover seeds lightly 1/4″ with light soil, and rake in.  Keep soil damp, but not soggy.  Seeds should sprout in approximately 5-14 days, depending on temp.


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