English Thyme Seeds

An invaluable seasoning in the kitchen, thyme has a subtle, woodsy flavor that complements a variety of foods.  A staple herb of chefs and foodies. With very small leaves and delicate, edible flowers, English thyme also makes a nice 12” tall landscape plant; use as a low hedge around your herb or vegetable garden. An excellent container plant, and can be grown indoors as well.

1/4 g seed packet

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Name:  English Thyme

Scientific Name:  Thymus vulgaris

Life Cycle:  Perennial in zones 5 and warmer

Bloom Color:  pale pinkish purple

Season: summer

Light Requirements:  Full Sun

Height:  6-12″

Growing Instructions:   Sow outdoors 1-2 weeks after average last frost.  Seeds are small, so barely cover seeds.

Harvesting:  Pick leaves  as you need them. Shear the whole plant 4″ above ground if growth is spindly; new growth will be denser. Do not cut into the woody part or prune heavily in fall.

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