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oriental poppy seedsoriental poppy seeds

Oriental Poppy Seeds – Mix

Perennial (zones 1-6).  There’s something special about Oriental Poppies – maybe it’s the huge, papery petals in Spring, or the long slender stems that sway in the breeze.  This mix of Poppies stands between 2 and 4 ft. tall, and blooms in colors of salmon, pink, white, and reddish/orange.  Each flower has a dark center, and lovely seed pods.  No garden is complete without an Oriental Poppy here and there.  Deer-resistant.

.75g. seed packet


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Name:  Oriental Poppy Mix

Botanical Name:  Papaver orientale

Life Cycle:  Perennial in zones 1-6, grown as annual in zone 7 and warmer

Color:  Mix – white, orange, pink, and salmon, with dark centers.

Bloom Season:  Spring/Early Summer

Height:  24-48″

Light Requirement:  Full Sun

Planting Directions:  Sow outdoors 4 to 6 weeks before average last frost, when soil temperature is 50°–60°F, or early to mid-fall for bloom the following spring. Mild Climates: Late summer to early fall for spring bloom.  Seeds require light to germinate. Rake lightly into surface of soil; keep moist.

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