Tendersweet Carrot Seeds

Tendersweet carrot seeds produce coreless, tapered, seven inch roots, that are excellent for canning, juicing, or eating raw.  This variety has a taste that is especially ‘tender’, and ‘sweet’, hence the name ‘Tendersweet’!  Give this carrot lots of sun, and loose, well-drained soil, and you will be rewarded with long, straight, deliciously crisp carrots.

1 g. seed packet


Name:  Carrot ‘Tendersweet’

Botanical Name:  Daucus carota sativus

Days to Maturity:  75

When to sow outside:   2 to 4 weeks before average last frost.  Successive sowings every 3 weeks until 60 days before first fall frost. In climates with lows above 25°F, grow all winter.

Harvesting:  Do not allow carrots to get larger than normal size (8″ – 10″). Peak harvest period lasts for 3 weeks. Late summer planted carrots are very sweet if harvested after first couple of light fall frosts, but before heavy frost. In climates where temperatures don’t fall below 20°F, with protection, carrots can be left in ground for storage, and harvested as needed.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 in


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